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    Harmonious interplay – the Milerb philosophy
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«Enjoying a delicious meal together with the family or good friends - for me that is an important part of quality of life. The freshness and naturalness of the ingredients used in the preparation of a dish is especially important. As I strolled through a spicily fragrant field of basil in Provence, I knew straight away, this is where the herbs for our Milerb products must come from. With the Milerb herbs and many different sauce varieties, gently prepared and produced without chemical additives, we have successfully managed to retain the full aroma of the excellent raw produce. There is thus a whole "library“ of aromas and spice essences always ready in the kitchen – I really enjoy cooking like this.

For me, the cooperation with my team must be harmonious. Milerb is a close-knit company: everybody knows everybody else – together we share our passion for culinary pleasures. We travel regularly to Provence to maintain the contact with our farmers. It is only through this close and personal cooperation that top-class quality is made possible».